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Typical live strings combinations:

  1. String Quartet (pop-up video)
    A popular combination that covers the largest variety, from classical music, romantic love songs, all-time-favourite oldies and latin /dance flavours (rumba, polka & tango), all performed with class and liveliness.
    Instruments: Two Violins, Viola, Cello
  2. String Trio
    For a cosy environment where fewer than 30 guests attend, this combination makes economical sense.
    Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello
  3. String Duet
    Suitable for wedding ceremonies at Hotels, such as the Victoria room at Four Seasons Hotel, where a minimal number of close relatives an friends attend.
    Possible combinations: Two Violins or Violin + Cello


  1. Trumpet (pop-up video)
    For a grand sound, look no further. In additional to a string quartet, the trumpet conveys triumph better than any other instruments.
  2. Harp (pop-up video)
    The delicate and soothing sound of the harp adds lots of layer and interweaving lines to otherwise simple melodies.
  3. Flute (pop-up video)
    Add a touch of air and lightness to a band of strings. A wide repertoire of music is also possible with the flute.
  4. Choir and Organist (pop-up video)
    This is the definitive combination for a truly classic wedding.

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